We manufacture high quality craft ciders. Our ciders are made with passion, using carefully selected traditional cultivars of apples from Polish orchards, with care for every small detail at every stage of production.

The Cidery

Chyliczki Cidery was established in 2014 as a family enterprise, and it has had such a character ever since. Our key policies are: quality of primary products, crafting, and time necessary for every must to gain its full flavours. In line with this philosophy, apple musts are made once a year, during the time when apples reach maximum ripeness on trees, then they ferment with traditional production methods used for sparkling wines, and eventually ripen for many months. For our musts we use apples coming from old Mazovian orchards without any intensive chemical protection allowing for obtaining ripe products, but this way these small apples get extremely intense aromas and flavours. Although the raw product quality is the key to the cider quality, the values could not be transferred to the beverage without giving it enough time. The process of production in our cidery takes from 8 months to several years, as the apple is a fruit which likes to ripen.

About Us

The cidery was built on the passion of Dariusz and Dominika’s (father and daughter in private life) family and of their friends - Piotr’s family. Joining their forces and complementary professional experiences, and not only these, allowed to create a company which is a passion of every one of them. It must be added that - as it usually is in family companies - the cidery also consists of the close relatives of Dariusz, Dominika, and Piotr, who continuously support the Chyliczki brand.

Dariusz has been running a family ornamental plant nursery for many years, but it was over a dozen years of experience in home production of liqueurs, wines, and ciders that helped establish the cidery. Dariusz has been making ciders since 2014 when the first must of Stary Sad was made, taking care of proper selection of apple cultivars, and controlling the whole process so that he could be proud of every must. Dariusz is still looking for new cider types and styles, thanks to which Lodowa Gruszka (Ice Perry) cider, Sweet Oak cider or Chmielony Sad (Hoped Orchard) cider were created as the first such ciders in Poland.

Piotr - a passionate fruit farmer with an old-established tradition which can be traced back over 4 generations. He has been running a fruit press house for many years, focusing on the most precious, in his opinion, raw product – the apple. Based on his experiences, Piotr is responsible for the selection of the best apples in the cidery, from the ripening stage, through the collection stage, to the pressing process control. Piotr knows every apple inside out.

Dominika Working as a solicitor by day, Dominika is a fan of good cuisine and - which is even more important - of good ciders. These interests led to a willingness to establish a small cidery, which was launched in 2014 as a small family brand of Cydr Chyliczki. Although frequent tasting is a part of the job for everyone in the team, Dominika's main task is to take care of the cidery formalities.


Our regular offer includes several sorts of dry sparkling ciders and dessert liquors, also knows as ice ciders. Apart from the regular cider offer, we also try to create original alcohol beverages which appear as limited editions.

sparkling ciders 0.75 l, 0.5 l, 0.33 l, KEG, 30 l
dessert ciders 0.375 l, 0.5 l


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The primary policy of the cidery is to make ciders of the highest quality. We take care of the quality on daily basis by selecting the most precious apple cultivars, crafting, and giving the ciders long time to mature. Apart from our daily activities, we also strive to confirm the quality of our ciders by taking part in numerous cider competitions, in which we have already won over 40 awards since we set our business. It is an honour for us that we have been appreciated multiple times, e.g. during ENOEXPO International Wine Fair in Krakow (12 medals and honourable mentions), in the contest of KUKBUK Magazine (“Golden Egg”) and in international competitions: Royal Bath & West International Cider in Somerset, England (22 medals), International Cider & Perry Competition Cider Museum in Hereford, England or SISGA competition in Gijon, Spain (6 medals). Enoexpo w Krakowie (12 medali i wyróżnień), konkursu Magazynu KUKBUK (Złote Jajo) oraz konkursów międzynarodowych Royal Bath & West International Cider w Somerset, Angli (22 medale), International Cider & Perry Competition Cider Museum w Hereford w Anglii, SISGA w Gijon, Hiszpanii (6 medali) czy International Wine & Spirit Competition  w Londynie w Anglii.

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For individual customers

You can find the list of shops, pubs, and restaurants selling our ciders on our Facebook page. Please use the addresses as a reference only, we cannot guarantee permanent availability of our ciders in these locations. We would appreciate it if you sent us comments about the places where you can find Cydr Chyliczki to: We will make every effort to keep updating the list.

For shops, restaurants, and pubs

Please contact our office which will send you all necessary information or direct you to the distributor of our ciders.,
tel. 666 130 111, available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For distributors and wholesalers

Please contact Piotr Kowalczyk,,
tel. 666 302 111


  • For shops, pubs and restaurants
    Office: tel. 666 130 111 available 8:00 do 17:00
  • Wholesalers
    Piotr Kowalczyk: tel. 666 302 111
  • Production
    Dariusz Koroś: tel. 792 202 642
  • CYDR CHYLICZKI Krenke Kowalczyk sp.j.
    ul. Moniuszki 1, Chyliczki 05-500 Piaseczno
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